Roy Kirk 1st

A Storyteller with a Unique Journey. crafting mesmerizing realities on screen that celebrate the unyielding spirit of human creativity.


Recent Work

Prepare to be spellbound by a chilling short horror film that delves into the eerie legend of La Lechuza, a vengeful witch from Latin-American folklore. In collaboration with my talented friend, Mickey Martinez, I had the distinct honor of serving as both Executive Producer and Director of Photography for this captivating cinematic experience. Join us on a journey into the dark realms of myth and suspense

After Laughter

Immerse yourself in the world of an award-winning short film crafted by the exceptional team at Happy Wanderer Productions. Journey alongside Jamal and Malik, two African-American boys, as they unravel the essence of growing up in America during the tumultuous 60s, 70s, and 80s. It was my privilege to collaborate with this immensely talented crew, contributing as a dedicated production assistant to bring this evocative story to life.

Tell My Story

Step into the profound world of a heart-wrenching documentary, a production by Cinema Libre Studio that delves deep into the poignant journey of a father seeking answers in the wake of his son's tragic suicide. I had the distinct honor of contributing as an Assistant Editor to this impactful project, shedding light on the critical questions surrounding the challenges facing today's youth. Join us as we explore the profound and pressing issues of our time.

Tomorrow, Maybe

In this captivating feature film, I embarked on a multifaceted journey, donning various hats as a writer, producer, and, most significantly, the film's production manager. The story unfolds around a determined man, recently released from prison, on a quest to redeem himself. As he seeks reconciliation with his daughter, he finds her life unraveling unexpectedly, creating a gripping narrative that explores the complexities of family, redemption, and the human spirit.

Executive Producer/ Director of Photography

Production assistant

Assistant Editor

Production Manager



In this eerie stop-motion short film created in just eighteen classroom hours, viewers are taken on a haunting journey of transformation and acceptance. As shadows creep across a dimly lit room, a lone human figure battles an unseen internal struggle. With each subtle movement, the character's body undergoes a grotesque metamorphosis, limbs elongating and contorting into spider-like appendages. The eerie and unsettling visuals mirror the emotional turmoil of the transformation, as the central theme of acceptance unfolds. Through the haunting imagery and eerie atmosphere, the video explores the profound message that embracing one's true nature, no matter how unconventional, is the ultimate path to self-acceptance.

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Jet Fighter Visual Effects Build

This visual effects sequence presented features a meticulously crafted fighter jet, where the pilot was initially filmed against a green screen backdrop. Subsequently, I constructed the aircraft and its surrounding environment by adeptly integrating a collection of images. The wings were extracted from one particular image, then skillfully adapted within the 3D space of Adobe After Effects. Meanwhile, the fuselage was sourced from a separate image of a fighter jet, and the seat was ingeniously repurposed from an image of a roller coaster. Additionally, the sky backdrop and the Heads-Up Display (H.U.D.) graphics were obtained from Production Crate and were carefully modified to fit the scene. The final composition was assembled and rendered in After Effects, culminating in a seamless and dynamic visual effects shot.

Visual Effects Artist