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A Storyteller with a Unique Journey. crafting mesmerizing realities on screen that celebrate the unyielding spirit of human creativity.

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About Me

Hello, I'm Roy Kirk, a proud native of the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon. Growing up, I was incredibly fortunate to share my life journey with my two amazing sisters, Jasmine and Mariah, and my brother, Michael. Our tight-knit bond fostered the foundations of my character, instilling in me the values of resilience, compassion, and unwavering determination.

From an early age, life presented me with a unique challenge. Cerebral palsy, compelling me to wear braces on my left arm and leg throughout my formative years and well into high school years. Countless hours in physical therapy became a daily routine, but I never once allowed these obstacles to deter me from pursuing my dreams with relentless enthusiasm. In fact, those closest to me would attest that my spirit remained unbroken, and I wholeheartedly concur. The hours spent in hospital rooms became fertile ground for the seeds of imagination to flourish. It was in these moments of reflection, amid the hustle and bustle of life, that I first discovered my profound love for storytelling.

Through the mesmerizing world of storytelling, I found my calling, my true passion, film and television. Animation, in particular, captured my heart as the most creatively liberating form of visual expression. The boundless possibilities and the magic of crafting worlds from scratch held an irresistible allure for me.

Film-making isn't just a job for me; it is the core of my being, a lifelong commitment to the art of visual storytelling. It is my passion, my purpose, and my reason for being. With each frame I capture and every story I tell, I strive to breathe life into the visions that once flourished within my daydreams, shaping them into tangible, breathtaking realities on screen.

My journey is a testament to the indomitable human spirit, an ode to the power of imagination and the magic of storytelling. Join me on this enchanting voyage, and together, let's explore the wondrous world of film and television, where dreams are brought to life, one frame at a time.